Sunday, 27 February 2011

excuse me..

hello bloggie. i just dont know how and where ive to start. i just dont know how my feeling is. Maybe i need some PRIVACY...for some time perhaps...because im living with my friends. Friends which accompanying me in whatever my situation facing me. Friends which lend their hand when i was in confusing, complicated and vice versa. Thanks for Nana as she always be my second-eyes,ears. (p/s : nana, you should be proud because i mention your name here! hehe..). Ok,back to the topic, I need some right to better crazy living every now and then. I think not only me thinking on this way. It is IRRITATING right when someone stop trying to hold you back and quit trying to worm information out of OTHER people regarding the things you do?

it shows me, that no matter how i behave. no matter the good behaviour i always keep up doing, a wrong slip on my part and you will always be on the lookout so you can come down hard on me. you use it against me over and over again and you think its right to blow everything out of proportion just because, i screwed up on some not-so-major things in MY life.

how long will you point me right from wrong? how long you will point me as the wrong-bad person and even the main causes which make you mad for some time being(during the 'war' time)? how long do you think im going to sit back and take it all in while inside of me little by little, im thinking, it is pointless trying to preserve a relationship like this.
how long will you tell me i have disappointed you, when you KNOW i have done nothing of that sort!

By the way, i am quite an intelligent being on most occasions, so i know that you are doing all these things because YOU CARE. simply because you are looking out for my better interest at heart. because you believe that if you put me on the right path, i am going to go on and achieve all those things we planned on paper. the thing is, there is no gurantee. there is no confirmed,signed or even sealed plan in life. its a bunch of small little crazy things done on the spur of the moment that makes up life. and if you dont agree, then you know you havent been really REALLY living your life as how you want to.

we can only give up so much just to succeed in the areas we feel are important. sometimes, just sometimes, id like to be selfish and just take FOR MYSELF.

For the 20 years that god give me chance to be alive, i can say that i had lived in quite good. maybe i should say that its perfect. i have my parents that always love me, give me my wants and needs and also my 3 brothers that always make me laugh and giggle almost when i got home. I dont do things that make me temporary high and make sour to my family's name. i would like to stress that i do NOT behave like some IDIOTS as you said 'main kayu 3, fucking girl' and etc (its too many. i do not put my full effort to type the words which have same meaning on it)

you should know this :
I study and try harder to be self-dependant.

Do forgive me if the some of the words are harsh for you

I am not or even be a perfect mould of whatever that you want me to be. I am who i am. I am the person who makes thousands of mistakes in life. I just live with a smile on my face to show of my bravery and happiness,masochism life.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Times square

im not bought that. bcz it'll make me super-gemok ok!
alyn, nona, nana.

nom...nom...nom..wat a blast! we jz like starving to death actually. twas a relieved when our food is ready to eat! yeah!
While waiting others choosing their stuffs,lets make some photoshoot!

its disgusting actually. i just put my feet not too deep in the water. its scary yaww!!

twas about last 3 weeks (maybe) me and friends hang out at times square. what did we do?? SHOPPING of course! as it is one of the most i like,like,like and love *face full of expression* to do to fulfill my leisure time. besides, hanging out with friends and shopping together is one of the way for the GIRL or WOMEN to BURN OUT our calories!! sounds fun right? as in my minds is like this :
windows shopping (survey the price) which we've to walk A LOT-------> "kill!!!" the stubborn,damn calories------>buy the new stuffs------->own the stuffs!! its major awesome friends when you exercise by not wearing all the jogging-suit,i mean the 'skema' tshirt and trousers and sometimes with the handkerchief hanging at the neck. haha! and the best part is you will less sweating! air-cond surrounding of course. i love air cond. so your body will not sticky like the gummy-jelly-sweets and of course NOT smelly!!

Opening TIME!! teehee!

Assalammualaikum and hello to everyone!

Back to the title above,i had thinking to have a blog from blogspot. Actually i had a blog before which is tumblr.
You can have a look on it if you wish. . i did this blog because of my friends. They asked me to have a blog from blogspot. i was sooo LAZY before. but then i just 'okeyh friends!'

So, a great, great, great welcome to my blog. i hope you'll enjoy to keep reading on it. Okie dokie then. have a nice day!!