Friday, 25 February 2011

Times square

im not bought that. bcz it'll make me super-gemok ok!
alyn, nona, nana.

nom...nom...nom..wat a blast! we jz like starving to death actually. twas a relieved when our food is ready to eat! yeah!
While waiting others choosing their stuffs,lets make some photoshoot!

its disgusting actually. i just put my feet not too deep in the water. its scary yaww!!

twas about last 3 weeks (maybe) me and friends hang out at times square. what did we do?? SHOPPING of course! as it is one of the most i like,like,like and love *face full of expression* to do to fulfill my leisure time. besides, hanging out with friends and shopping together is one of the way for the GIRL or WOMEN to BURN OUT our calories!! sounds fun right? as in my minds is like this :
windows shopping (survey the price) which we've to walk A LOT-------> "kill!!!" the stubborn,damn calories------>buy the new stuffs------->own the stuffs!! its major awesome friends when you exercise by not wearing all the jogging-suit,i mean the 'skema' tshirt and trousers and sometimes with the handkerchief hanging at the neck. haha! and the best part is you will less sweating! air-cond surrounding of course. i love air cond. so your body will not sticky like the gummy-jelly-sweets and of course NOT smelly!!


raz hanzell said...

uuuiiisshhhhh...... d bidaks is me!!

Ayu Azraine said...

x la.u owez d comel2 one.