Wednesday, 13 July 2011

31-7 Birthday Giveaway!

happy birthday! semoga panjang umur,dimurahkan rezeki dan lebih berjaya for ur future!!!

GiveAway : "One Klik One Present by LyssasecretGiveAway : "


Ungu Violet
Syazwani Amira
toshio O.o

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mid-Year Giveaway by Nisa Menaip
im new in blogging world.hehe.giveaway ni simple je step, this is my 1st time join this giveaway. hadiah pn sgt menarik! aauuwww! saje je cube2 nasib..sume org join sbb nak dpt hadiah kan..oh btw, this giveaway ramai yg sponsor tau!!
jomla join!! x kene kua duit pn..dateline giveaway ni on 6 june 2011..rugi x join tau!

sponsor yg murah hati(smoga dimuarhkan rezeki..amiinn..) :


i like this type of advice. its from MARIA ELENA. i had watched her video. its such a good advice. and i strongly agree with her. any goods that we own its still belonging to our god, ALLAH. and yeah,its rezeki. we dont have to show off. its not immortal ok. plus, u can lost those precious thing that u have anytime and anywhere. there are also some ppl like to show off their wealthy. this is such a bad behaviour. please avoid it. the ppl will never respect u. n there is no benefit! for example, X having a vacation at singapore or brunei or china or anywhere.then X come back to malaysia and story her experienced to her friends. cerita beria2 mcm nk gle. omg berlagak gle. 1st time sampai sane la katekn. then, sikit2 repeat her experience yg dh 10x org dgr. ouhh friend yg anak duta tu pn x pnh nk repeat her story ok..n dorg have more experienced visit other country.ooppss!! its not visit..dey all live there lg! it is not wrong when u tell ur friends ur experienced but do it in the humble way. ppl also like to hear ur story or u dont have to cerita.let the ppl ask.then story la kan..there must be some of ur friends know where are u going when u r not around..


yeah.dats me.if i wanna something unique, fantastic kebabomm, i dont care about the price. as long as i love,love,love it!! ok,actually i really wanna own this :

its cool right?? if u watch gossip girl,u must noe this clutch. its extraordinary unique bcz it has the gold safety pin handle..oh gosh..its totally acquired my taste! with the modern cutting pattern this clutch look so stylish!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

perfume's store

i just started to make a small bizz..
yeah i started it slowly..
its branded perfume...wanna have a look??
u can click here

any questions, u can contact email,sms,n even lepak2..haha..wangi2 slalu..

work as promoter

yeah..i worked as the promoter before at a mall. my experienced during the first day...GOSH!!!! my feet mcm nk pecah! eerrghhh..n that is my 1st experience doing work. just stand like the stupid ppl. omg wat a boring day..everyday boring ok! then i made decission to quit..n btw, i worked at kedai baju..baju tu x de la quality sgt pn..n bags pn ade jgk..x cantik pn..x pyh beli pn x pe..all those stuffs are from china..for clothes when you wash by using washing machine, then the clothes will look like kain burok! for the bag, nnti mesti ade je tali yg putus..n guess wat, i ever told customers that u better dont buy al those stuffs here.haha..but ill do dat only when my boss is not around..the chineses pn x nk beli barang kt kdai tu..only the malays..but i will not let the malays being cheated by my bastard, fat boss..oh! before i forgot..u must be weird why i quit right??

1st,my boss is hypocrite. in front of my friend she'll will talk badly about me, then in front of me she'll talk badly about my friend..she's totally BLOODY HELL!!!
2nd, she was like cant consider my praying time..surau jauh kot..lambat sket bising..ko x smbyg bole r ckp gtu..eergghh..
3rd, x buat ape sgt pn..mcm x de experience je...

ok lah...dats all yg i nak share..for those yg nak buat kerja part time u betta carefull ok..its easy when u work with the malays..ade consider n understanding sikit...dat is my advice..bubye!! have a nice holiday.. :))

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Annual dinner from chemical engineering faculty

btw,i wanna say sorry a lot bloggiee...mmuuaahhx..miss u damn much..its been a few i-dont-know-how-many-days i didnt update u.i was busy before.and a lot of things ive to settle.ok.i wanna share to you about my dinner.its awesome.but the most best part is we won in dancing competition. thanks for those involved and give 100%,full,compact commitment and cooperation. i love you friends! this time i'll let my pictures to speak and tell you more about my dinner. you know what i mean right? seems boring bcz there are no full-detail explanation,emotion and etc.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Edward Maya Feat Vika Jigulina Stereo Love HD

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Assalammualaikum(Ustzh Siti norbayah's tone..hehe) and hello bloggie!!! nowadays there are sooo much women had been cheated or fooled by the casanovas or in malay we always call them buaya darat or pisau cukur(sometimes its also for women or even girlsss!! yaww!) as the women, it must be for us to feel sympathy or pity for those had been the victims. so,how to avoid this??? what should we do as the women?? dont just let those type of guys(of course i mean the bad,worst behaviour) exploit us. fighting!!!! but here,i didnt asked you to war with the man. sometimes we need them. not as just protector but also as the place for us to 'bermanja-manja sayang....hehe...mengade!) its because we dont know people which can i say as much as an ocean. kan?? well..precaution steps! so that we'll not regret and we dont act out of control like some of the people did before. suicide,  taking drugs and the most favourite for some malays yg kolot gile nak mati is they meet the wrong and stupid bomohs to jinxing the guy that had left them. ok, here are some tips:

1) dont spend too much for the guy.let them spend for you! that is the best way.heelllooo,the one yg jadi your husband is man ok. so why must you practice too much mcm you yg bg nafkah kt die kan??? it is not wrong if you are the volunteer yg nak belanja but dont too much ok. nanti naik lemak! plus,ble clash mulela nak menangis mcm org nak beranak and mcm nk kua air mata darah. maya karin je yg bley buat mcm tu cz shes expert.just watch pontianak harum sundal malam.haha.

2)dont believe too much to man. and please. dont put too much hope. at first surely both of you very romantic, sweet, always said in sms or in the phone 'i sayang u,u sayang i' kan?? nak muntah babe! i did the same too with my bf but not too jiwang karat berkerak! oh before i forgot, i also NEVER believe my boyfie 100%! (p/s to my bf if he read this: sorry,sayang. but there is still some percent i believe in you.hehe)
dont let your hubby enjoy like this

3) and this is for those had been married. to all wifeys in malaysia, dont let yourself to pay all the bills. let your hubby settle that! this is bacause there are some men think like this 'ok,my wife got more let she pays the i enjoy!!!' if i meet this type of guy surely i'll said 'kepala hotak ko!!!'. if your hubby enjoy a lil bit with his old friends,its ok. but what happen if he enjoys with other girls which much prettier than you and of course much younger than cantik,mude laki mane tak terliur seyh...terliur just like a bulldog yg meleleh air liur tu. eeerrggghhh...damn disgusting!

let he that he will feel responsible

actually i wanna share and type a lot about this topic. but the time keep jeolousing with me. plus, i got calculus test today. so i think 3 tips are already enough for us as the women to prevent the guy keep fool us. just do whatever you think is correct and good for youself okay! bubye..kiss and hug from me..xoxo...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011



(20-5) secrets about me. yeah its 15!!! haha.

well, today i feel like i wanna talk a lot. i was thinking the suitable topic to post. hurrmmm..maybe i should share something that people don't or never know about me.ok. let me start!

1) i LOVE sleeping. when i start to sleep i'll make sure my pooh is beside me.
2) i do LOVE shopping. very much and very well. i can walk almost 3-4 hours at the shopping complex to grab any unique and fantastic stuffs. i can say that shopping is 1 of my fav!
3) i am fashionable.i love shoessss (high heels of course!) because my height is only 150cm!!!! sangat ketotkan??? but im proud with myself bcz i can drive my dad's kia carnival wif my 150cm height! i wish i can be a superwoman.not superman,not catwoman.haha.
4)i love handbags. omg! i can even sleep at the handbag boutique or shops for me to own the most unique, fascinate handbags.
5) i love driving.
6)i love english.i love english movies and songs

8) i hate hypocrite person. these type of person are shit!
9) i like pink colour but im not love it very much.BUT most of my stuffs are PINK! (this is bcz of my mom yg dah didik her only 1 daughter like that.even my room also pink. huh...
10) i am the only single girl in my sibling and i am the eldest. i have the '3 idiots' sugargliders.
11) i LOVE my boyfie so much.
12) i LOVE my car. to my friends, if you see WQE 6755, thats my "honda jazz"(actually its just a  viva. perasan lebeyhhh)...LOL! XD
13) i talk a lot. and yes i am talkative person. i believe my bf tired with me bcz i always nagging him. haha.
14) i dont like long hair. manyak pakai wang maaaa.....bcz you have to consider so much thing. treatment and blabla..i will not spend my money for 3-digits-bucks juz for my hair ok! rm40 is enough.lagi bagus makan molten choclate cake kt chilis.kenyang and syok. nikmat babe!!
15) boros.that is me.i try to save.sometimes jadi, and usually i cant!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

i am cityville addict!

and yes i am! i am cityville addict. it is a MUST for me to stick almost an hour to collect all the money,yields and crops.

its not because i never try to play other games. i tried and i played some of the zynga games like farmville, cafe world, it girl.....and finally, BORING! But cityville is such a game that make me wanna stick tightly in front of my i said before almost an hour or even more than that. hurmm..btw, for those cityville player read my blog, i'll allow you to be neighbour. more neighbour,more income,more yield bebeyhhh! add and invite me immediately me ok!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

some funny dialogues in crazy parents say...just for laugh!

Mom: You should turn off the computer and go play outside.
Me: None of my friends live near.
Mom: Then go play with yourself.

son: I wonder what breast milk tastes like.
Mom: I don't know, ask your Dad.
Son: MOOOOOM !! Why did you tell me that!!??

(mom expressing worry about dad going on a cycling trip on his own)
Me: But you had no problem with me going to South America on my own, and I'm 18.
Mom: Yes, but you're smart, your father is an idiot.

(After previously getting into an argument with my mom, I step out of our car and see a bus pass by)
Me: See Mom! If I had left the car a second sooner, this would have been the last conversation we would have ever had!
Mom: I have your life insurance policy to get over my grief!

Mum: What's wrong honey?
Me: Ugh I feel sick.
Mum: Yeah you don't look well.
Me: I think it's the flu.
Mum: You have to tell me these things. we have cancer in the family.
Me: Mum, I don't have cancer.

Dad: So you have a date this weekend? Me: Ya actually. I do. Did mom tell you?
Dad: Actualy I gave your brother 5 dollars to listen to your conversations.
Me: Oh fabulous. Hear anything interesting?
Dad: Ya, you have your period. Well done!
Me: I'm moving to Alaska…

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

lets make the ugly face!

hahahaha.boring.women very,very,very care about their beauty. its seems like very 'skema' sometimes kan?
so lets make something weird,funny and fun! show your ugly face! what about mine?

cat face!

hahahaha! maybe i can win the most ugly pic contest!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

excuse me..

hello bloggie. i just dont know how and where ive to start. i just dont know how my feeling is. Maybe i need some PRIVACY...for some time perhaps...because im living with my friends. Friends which accompanying me in whatever my situation facing me. Friends which lend their hand when i was in confusing, complicated and vice versa. Thanks for Nana as she always be my second-eyes,ears. (p/s : nana, you should be proud because i mention your name here! hehe..). Ok,back to the topic, I need some right to better crazy living every now and then. I think not only me thinking on this way. It is IRRITATING right when someone stop trying to hold you back and quit trying to worm information out of OTHER people regarding the things you do?

it shows me, that no matter how i behave. no matter the good behaviour i always keep up doing, a wrong slip on my part and you will always be on the lookout so you can come down hard on me. you use it against me over and over again and you think its right to blow everything out of proportion just because, i screwed up on some not-so-major things in MY life.

how long will you point me right from wrong? how long you will point me as the wrong-bad person and even the main causes which make you mad for some time being(during the 'war' time)? how long do you think im going to sit back and take it all in while inside of me little by little, im thinking, it is pointless trying to preserve a relationship like this.
how long will you tell me i have disappointed you, when you KNOW i have done nothing of that sort!

By the way, i am quite an intelligent being on most occasions, so i know that you are doing all these things because YOU CARE. simply because you are looking out for my better interest at heart. because you believe that if you put me on the right path, i am going to go on and achieve all those things we planned on paper. the thing is, there is no gurantee. there is no confirmed,signed or even sealed plan in life. its a bunch of small little crazy things done on the spur of the moment that makes up life. and if you dont agree, then you know you havent been really REALLY living your life as how you want to.

we can only give up so much just to succeed in the areas we feel are important. sometimes, just sometimes, id like to be selfish and just take FOR MYSELF.

For the 20 years that god give me chance to be alive, i can say that i had lived in quite good. maybe i should say that its perfect. i have my parents that always love me, give me my wants and needs and also my 3 brothers that always make me laugh and giggle almost when i got home. I dont do things that make me temporary high and make sour to my family's name. i would like to stress that i do NOT behave like some IDIOTS as you said 'main kayu 3, fucking girl' and etc (its too many. i do not put my full effort to type the words which have same meaning on it)

you should know this :
I study and try harder to be self-dependant.

Do forgive me if the some of the words are harsh for you

I am not or even be a perfect mould of whatever that you want me to be. I am who i am. I am the person who makes thousands of mistakes in life. I just live with a smile on my face to show of my bravery and happiness,masochism life.