Wednesday, 13 July 2011

31-7 Birthday Giveaway!

happy birthday! semoga panjang umur,dimurahkan rezeki dan lebih berjaya for ur future!!!

GiveAway : "One Klik One Present by LyssasecretGiveAway : "


Ungu Violet
Syazwani Amira
toshio O.o

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mid-Year Giveaway by Nisa Menaip
im new in blogging world.hehe.giveaway ni simple je step, this is my 1st time join this giveaway. hadiah pn sgt menarik! aauuwww! saje je cube2 nasib..sume org join sbb nak dpt hadiah kan..oh btw, this giveaway ramai yg sponsor tau!!
jomla join!! x kene kua duit pn..dateline giveaway ni on 6 june 2011..rugi x join tau!

sponsor yg murah hati(smoga dimuarhkan rezeki..amiinn..) :


i like this type of advice. its from MARIA ELENA. i had watched her video. its such a good advice. and i strongly agree with her. any goods that we own its still belonging to our god, ALLAH. and yeah,its rezeki. we dont have to show off. its not immortal ok. plus, u can lost those precious thing that u have anytime and anywhere. there are also some ppl like to show off their wealthy. this is such a bad behaviour. please avoid it. the ppl will never respect u. n there is no benefit! for example, X having a vacation at singapore or brunei or china or anywhere.then X come back to malaysia and story her experienced to her friends. cerita beria2 mcm nk gle. omg berlagak gle. 1st time sampai sane la katekn. then, sikit2 repeat her experience yg dh 10x org dgr. ouhh friend yg anak duta tu pn x pnh nk repeat her story ok..n dorg have more experienced visit other country.ooppss!! its not visit..dey all live there lg! it is not wrong when u tell ur friends ur experienced but do it in the humble way. ppl also like to hear ur story or u dont have to cerita.let the ppl ask.then story la kan..there must be some of ur friends know where are u going when u r not around..


yeah.dats me.if i wanna something unique, fantastic kebabomm, i dont care about the price. as long as i love,love,love it!! ok,actually i really wanna own this :

its cool right?? if u watch gossip girl,u must noe this clutch. its extraordinary unique bcz it has the gold safety pin handle..oh gosh..its totally acquired my taste! with the modern cutting pattern this clutch look so stylish!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

perfume's store

i just started to make a small bizz..
yeah i started it slowly..
its branded perfume...wanna have a look??
u can click here

any questions, u can contact email,sms,n even lepak2..haha..wangi2 slalu..

work as promoter

yeah..i worked as the promoter before at a mall. my experienced during the first day...GOSH!!!! my feet mcm nk pecah! eerrghhh..n that is my 1st experience doing work. just stand like the stupid ppl. omg wat a boring day..everyday boring ok! then i made decission to quit..n btw, i worked at kedai baju..baju tu x de la quality sgt pn..n bags pn ade jgk..x cantik pn..x pyh beli pn x pe..all those stuffs are from china..for clothes when you wash by using washing machine, then the clothes will look like kain burok! for the bag, nnti mesti ade je tali yg putus..n guess wat, i ever told customers that u better dont buy al those stuffs here.haha..but ill do dat only when my boss is not around..the chineses pn x nk beli barang kt kdai tu..only the malays..but i will not let the malays being cheated by my bastard, fat boss..oh! before i forgot..u must be weird why i quit right??

1st,my boss is hypocrite. in front of my friend she'll will talk badly about me, then in front of me she'll talk badly about my friend..she's totally BLOODY HELL!!!
2nd, she was like cant consider my praying time..surau jauh kot..lambat sket bising..ko x smbyg bole r ckp gtu..eergghh..
3rd, x buat ape sgt pn..mcm x de experience je...

ok lah...dats all yg i nak share..for those yg nak buat kerja part time u betta carefull ok..its easy when u work with the malays..ade consider n understanding sikit...dat is my advice..bubye!! have a nice holiday.. :))