Tuesday, 8 March 2011

(20-5) secrets about me. yeah its 15!!! haha.

well, today i feel like i wanna talk a lot. i was thinking the suitable topic to post. hurrmmm..maybe i should share something that people don't or never know about me.ok. let me start!

1) i LOVE sleeping. when i start to sleep i'll make sure my pooh is beside me.
2) i do LOVE shopping. very much and very well. i can walk almost 3-4 hours at the shopping complex to grab any unique and fantastic stuffs. i can say that shopping is 1 of my fav!
3) i am fashionable.i love shoessss (high heels of course!) because my height is only 150cm!!!! sangat ketotkan??? but im proud with myself bcz i can drive my dad's kia carnival wif my 150cm height! i wish i can be a superwoman.not superman,not catwoman.haha.
4)i love handbags. omg! i can even sleep at the handbag boutique or shops for me to own the most unique, fascinate handbags.
5) i love driving.
6)i love english.i love english movies and songs

8) i hate hypocrite person. these type of person are shit!
9) i like pink colour but im not love it very much.BUT most of my stuffs are PINK! (this is bcz of my mom yg dah didik her only 1 daughter like that.even my room also pink. huh...
10) i am the only single girl in my sibling and i am the eldest. i have the '3 idiots' sugargliders.
11) i LOVE my boyfie so much.
12) i LOVE my car. to my friends, if you see WQE 6755, thats my "honda jazz"(actually its just a  viva. perasan lebeyhhh)...LOL! XD
13) i talk a lot. and yes i am talkative person. i believe my bf tired with me bcz i always nagging him. haha.
14) i dont like long hair. manyak pakai wang maaaa.....bcz you have to consider so much thing. treatment and blabla..i will not spend my money for 3-digits-bucks juz for my hair ok! rm40 is enough.lagi bagus makan molten choclate cake kt chilis.kenyang and syok. nikmat babe!!
15) boros.that is me.i try to save.sometimes jadi, and usually i cant!!