Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Assalammualaikum(Ustzh Siti norbayah's tone..hehe) and hello bloggie!!! nowadays there are sooo much women had been cheated or fooled by the casanovas or in malay we always call them buaya darat or pisau cukur(sometimes its also for women or even girlsss!! yaww!) as the women, it must be for us to feel sympathy or pity for those had been the victims. so,how to avoid this??? what should we do as the women?? dont just let those type of guys(of course i mean the bad,worst behaviour) exploit us. fighting!!!! but here,i didnt asked you to war with the man. sometimes we need them. not as just protector but also as the place for us to 'bermanja-manja sayang....hehe...mengade!) its because we dont know people which can i say as much as an ocean. kan?? well..precaution steps! so that we'll not regret and we dont act out of control like some of the people did before. suicide,  taking drugs and the most favourite for some malays yg kolot gile nak mati is they meet the wrong and stupid bomohs to jinxing the guy that had left them. ok, here are some tips:

1) dont spend too much for the guy.let them spend for you! that is the best way.heelllooo,the one yg jadi your husband is man ok. so why must you practice too much mcm you yg bg nafkah kt die kan??? it is not wrong if you are the volunteer yg nak belanja but dont too much ok. nanti naik lemak! plus,ble clash mulela nak menangis mcm org nak beranak and mcm nk kua air mata darah. maya karin je yg bley buat mcm tu cz shes expert.just watch pontianak harum sundal malam.haha.

2)dont believe too much to man. and please. dont put too much hope. at first surely both of you very romantic, sweet, always said in sms or in the phone 'i sayang u,u sayang i' kan?? nak muntah babe! i did the same too with my bf but not too jiwang karat berkerak! oh before i forgot, i also NEVER believe my boyfie 100%! (p/s to my bf if he read this: sorry,sayang. but there is still some percent i believe in you.hehe)
dont let your hubby enjoy like this

3) and this is for those had been married. to all wifeys in malaysia, dont let yourself to pay all the bills. let your hubby settle that! this is bacause there are some men think like this 'ok,my wife got more let she pays the i enjoy!!!' if i meet this type of guy surely i'll said 'kepala hotak ko!!!'. if your hubby enjoy a lil bit with his old friends,its ok. but what happen if he enjoys with other girls which much prettier than you and of course much younger than cantik,mude laki mane tak terliur seyh...terliur just like a bulldog yg meleleh air liur tu. eeerrggghhh...damn disgusting!

let he that he will feel responsible

actually i wanna share and type a lot about this topic. but the time keep jeolousing with me. plus, i got calculus test today. so i think 3 tips are already enough for us as the women to prevent the guy keep fool us. just do whatever you think is correct and good for youself okay! bubye..kiss and hug from me..xoxo...